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I may have reached a new low in my adult life.

I had a tantrum. A full-blown toddler tantrum.

Let me set the scene…

I’m in a rush to leave the house, I’ve already left things a little late but in my head I figured it would take me 10 minutes to get ready and leave. Of course this meant that multiple things would go wrong.
As I grab my go-to jeans, I find that the button is missing. For most people this would just be a simple case of grabbing the next pair of jeans. However, for me that means lint rolling for 10 minutes in different lighting situations to ensure that all of the white animal fur is off my black jeans. Guaranteed, there will still be a lovely layer when I leave the apartment.

I got past that part until I started brushing my hair. It was kind of wet and it’s started getting really humid here so it’s a mess. I’ve been brushing it for a good 5 to 10 minutes and figure that it must have less knots in it now. I moved it to the other side and found a knot the size of the an elephant. So I begin trying to de-tangle a knot as complicated as relationships between countries in Europe right now. It’s not going well and I can feel myself getting frustrated. First the huffing, then the cursing… my husband’s standing close by trying his best to help me get ready… I’m starting to not use words, I’m whinging and squeaking and then…

I exploded.

I throw my arms down in fists and stomp my feet 4 times as I’m making weird frustrated noises.

Even as it was happening, my rational brain was shaking its head in embarrassment.

Immediately after the stamping, I’m crying hysterically. At this point my husband cautiously approaches and tries his best to comfort me.

‘Everything is shit!’ I’m crying.
‘No it’s not,’ he replies. His novice reply doesn’t comfort me and I find myself cursing why I hadn’t made him watch the rom-coms that tell men to just listen and not contradict women who are upset, or in my case reenacting a 2-year old who needs to go to sleep but refuses to go to bed.

The crying subsides, I try to make my hair into a more controlled mess and tie it back. I dress normally and try to continue as normal. As we head out and we’re walking to get a taxi I turn to my husband and mutter ‘Let’s never mention that again’.

Of course we both know that the tantrum was nothing to do with my jeans, or my hair. It was to do with the hundreds of things that I am currently juggling in my mind. It was the explosion of frustration that’s been building up for weeks, and I completely understand that and I am fully aware that it was probably for the best. However, I am not okay with stomping and bawling like a toddler in front of my other half…or even myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who this has happened to, possibly not in the same ridiculous manner, but you’ve stayed strong for too long and it comes out in the most annoying way. Maybe it’s snapping at someone for something petty, or causing an argument just to get frustration out. Maybe it’s crying at a television show when a character finally has their love reciprocated, or when your favorite person is voted off a reality TV show. I think we all need to have an emotional cleanse now and then.

Whatever yours is, I think it’s time I find myself an alternative. I think a tantrum caused by brushing your hair is one step away from getting out the shaver and shaving it all off and I really don’t want to have to explain that to others. (No offence, Britney.)